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7 Of The Best Fiverr Business Ideas To Start Earning Extra Cash Today

Whether you’ve got a full-time job, are unemployed, or you’ve transitioned to working full-time at home for yourself (as I have), here are 7 of my best unique Fiverr business ideas you can use to both plant your flag in the ever-growing gig microeconomy, and accelerate your dividend income snowball.

Accelerating your personal cash flow is a more efficient & practical way to speed up your path to FI than being frugal or investing

Whereas frugality has a cap, extra income generation, at least in theory, does not.

So this article is about using Fiverr as a place to earn some extra income for you starting today. All of which of course becomes extra “found money” that you can plow into dividend stocks, pay down debt, or whatever priority you’ve set for yourself.

In this article we’re going to cover:

  • Why Fiverr isn’t really a platform to earn $5 – How I earn $1k-$2k EXTRA per month like clockwork (with almost zero effort)
  • 7 of the best business ideas you can start today
  • My top growth hack to get your first sale quick
  • More Fiverr business ideas & advanced Fiverr hacks

Why Fiverr isn’t really a platform to earn $5

I started on Fiverr in earnest in early 2015, around the time I first got really serious about digging out of $90k of debt, and on the fast track to FI.

I was hungry for opportunities – any opportunities, no matter how small – to amp up my income generation beyond what I was earning in my day job.

Like most people, I thought that Fiverr was a place to earn $5, so I was willing to try it to see what little I could grind out.

What I learned very quickly however, is that Fiverr only works when you’re not making $5.

In fact, today I hate when $5 orders come in.

The $5 orders are just like the cheap advertised specials at McDonalds. They are the loss leader that they use to suck you off the street and into the store to buy the more profitable fries and coke.

On Fiverr you need to create your version of your loss leader – something that will be super attention getting and easy to do – while keeping in mind that what you’re really there to do is to sell your gig extras.

This is a screenshot of my Fiverr dashboard from the past year and a half or so:


As you can see, I’ve earned $22,742 which is essentially “found” money that I’ve plowed into cash savings & dividend equities to accelerate ever so slightly my income snowball.

This month looks to be an especially good one, as with some larger orders I look to be on track to earn $2,000 or more.

But those really aren’t the most important numbers to focus on. They key metric I like to focus on – and you should too – is improving is the “average selling price” (which you can find in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard).

Most Fiverr sellers from what I can see today are at like a $5-$20 average selling price and anything over that is considered pretty good. Mine is $42.

I share this because to me the secret of success on Fiverr is figuring out how to optimize your upsell strategy to efficiently scale your time & efforts.

Otherwise Fiverr ceases to be a side hustle, and becomes a full hustle, which I don’t want to do at $5 a pop.

Look, we can sell lots of small orders, and some of the top sellers seem to be running with that approach, but I’d rather be as efficient as possible to focus my time on other things. Wouldn’t you?


Here’s a recent order that came in a few days ago – an upsell from a simple $5 gig.

Having these types of orders come in what makes my time on the platform worth it.

To pull this kind of thing off, you’ll need to create a great brand so you can negotiate great custom orders as above to increase your average selling price.

Creating a premium brand is basically the key to high average selling price.

Anyway, enough theory for now. We can get into that stuff more later.

For now, if you’re looking to start making cash right now on the platform, you’re going to have to answer the (challenging) question of what business to start, which is the focus of the next section.

7 of the best Fiverr business ideas that you can start today

Each Fiverr business idea here was filtered by the following criteria:

  1. The Fiverr business idea solves a real need and is demand by customers
  2. The Fiverr business idea is a little off the beaten path so it’s not SO competitive and hard to break into (or at least gives you a chance to niche into it)
  3. The Fiverr business idea provides you with some opportunities for upsell, which as we’ve shown is the whole point
  4. The Fiverr business idea isn’t too sketchy or located in the extremely bizzare section of Fiverr requiring you to endure humiliations like pouring ketchup all over your body, hiking up trees in the Indian jungle, or doing things that are against terms of service
  5. Additionally, in most cases, except for #1, the Fiverr business ideas on this list don’t particularly require any specialized knowledge.

Also important to keep in mind that there are some well-known Fiverr business ideas that are always super popular, like logo design, and SEO services. The reason why I don’t like these gigs at all is because like most things anything hypercompetitive in a global marketplace like this tends to become a race to the bottom, and thus it’s hard to position yourself as a premium brand.

You’ve got people with tens of thousands of reviews from India and Bangladesh who crank these things out at $5 a pop, and while I know they do upsell, it’s hard for a newbie to get started. (If you really want to play in these hypercompetitive spaces, then be sure to check out idea #7 below)

So without further ado, here’s my list of seven of the best and unique Fiverr business ideas:

  1. Hobby Microconsultant
  2. Testimonial Reviewer
  3. Book Reader
  4. Website Reviewer
  5. Psychic/ Cult Leader
  6. Poster Poster
  7. Entrepreneurial MicroMagnate Arbitrage Specialist

1. Hobby Microconsultant

About this Fiverr business idea


A hobby microconsultant essentially consults others on topics of interest to them and that they enjoy. The great thing about this job is that if it pans out, you essentially get paid for what you enjoy doing.

So for example, it’s likely that by virtue of you being on this site, you have some interest in dividend investing.

Why not leverage your interest and passion to create a gig like, “I will analyze any dividend stock for $5.” And then you can strategize your upsells – like adding additional stocks to the analysis, and different types of analysis to the report. And the brilliant thing is that when you create a report for, say, Pepsi, then the next time someone wants you to analyze the stock, a good bit of the work is already done. Or maybe you don’t like to write, so you could do a 5 minute video review of any stock. The upsell being of course, if they want more time, then you could charge at $1 extra per minute.

And there just so happens to be a category for this that you can start on – financial consulting.

But that’s just stocks. Maybe you like to play chess. Could you create a custom opening repertoire for people?

Maybe you have a knowledge gained through work about IT or Google Analytics. Could you answer questions for people? My friend is a lawyer. He created a gig where he would answer a legal question, and then did all kinds of upsells around contracts. Maybe you don’t have such specialized knowledge. What if you garden?

There really is no limit.

Anyway, you get the point. Whatever you do or love to do, you can monetize by becoming a hobby microconsultant.


Non-existent to high, depending on interest

Opportunity for Upsell


2. Testimonial Reviewer

About this Fiverr business idea


Social proof is a big part of why people buy things. Social proof is just showing your audience that other people like your stuff. So businesses of all kinds go on to Fiverr to find people to provide testimonials for their product or service. Either in video or written form.

You could be a reviewer. And you don’t need to be a model to do it. In fact, being real & you is better. Look at this dude above. Just looks like a normal dude with a teddy bear. We see that all the time, right?

He’s livin’ the Fiverr la vida loca as a testimonial reviewer.

Some of the more popular reviewers do well. If you’re not camera shy, this could be a really good gig for you. If you are camera shy, then you could offer blog reviews and other such written services.

Sketch Alert! Now granted, it’s slightly sketchy that you’re reviewing things without actually haven reviewed them, but if you don’t have a moral objection, this could be a potentially lucrative business for you.


Relatively high, however, you could find a niche based on your look, style, or demographic

Opportunity for Upsell

To me, this is an amazing business because of the opportunities for upsell if you’re creative. For example, if you set your testimonial length at a minute or two, naturally people will need to buy more. Or maybe they need a script written. Why not write a simple 30 second script for $50. Or 60 seconds for $100. If you’re good, and can show some work, people WILL pay for that. Think about all the components that would need to go into pulling this off. You’re creativity would be the only limit on upsells here if you do it right.

3. Book Reader

About this Fiverr business idea


If you’ve got a penchant for the written word, then being a book reader could be an enjoyable business to start on Fiverr.

Essentially there are two versions of this – the totally sketchy, and the not sketchy versions.

In fact, when I started out, I did both of these. And tbh, the not-at-all sketchy one is better, and has way better upsell potential.

The totally sketchy one is where you actually leave fake reviews on Amazon for new books. I wouldn’t recommend this path, because not only is it deceptive, but it’s actually banned by Amazon’s TOS, and they will find ways to crack down. ban you, and remove the review. Further, you’ll probably be stuck at simple $5 orders, which is the approach we said we definitely do not want to be doing.

The better way of doing this is to actually offer new authors detailed reviews of their books.

I mean, think of it. You’ve a new author and just launched your new book and…crickets.

Maybe you’re hungry for someone who loves books to read and give you honest feedback.

In that case, you turn to Fiverr and ask for either review, or someone to proofread to check for mistakes


Somewhat, but not as much as others. I think for high quality services, there’s always going to be a good niche.

Opportunity for Upsell

Great, again…you’ll need to be creative.

Could you do 10 pages for $5? That turns into a lot when there’s a 150 page book. To pull this off, you’ll need to show examples of the quality of reviews you can provide. You don’t want to compete on the cheap end. Higher end is always the way to go.

4. Website Reviewer

About this Fiverr business idea


Yep, the above is from a new website review gig I just launched.

I love the website review niche, so I do it myself.

To me, this checks off all the boxes on what makes an amazing gig:

  • Anyone can do it (having a different or uninformed perspective can actually be a GOOD thing in this business)
  • Tons of upsell opportunity
  • Competitive but there are tons of niches that can be owned

What is it? Well basically you just review people’s websites and give them your opinion. Usually on video, but you could also create reports, too.

Everyone has an opinion. And it’s super valuable, because you can help the website owner discover ideas to improve their website, so it’s a win-win proposition. There are larger companies outside of Fiverr focusing on this space, like UserTesting, but they charge up to $100 per review. On Fiverr, reviews start at $5 so it becomes a much more accessible solution for startups and businesses who are on more of a shoestring.


As a category, it’s one of the most competitive categories. However, there are certain niches within website testing that could be awesome, and once you think of yours, you can completely own oy.

For me, I created a few niches. One of them is as in the above, where I will do the review on any operating system or device. It’s not completely new, but not a lot of website reviews have that capability.

Another niche idea no one’s doing? Here’s a user experience guy who gets drunk and reviews your website. He also gets hundreds of dollars per review. Why do people pay him? The theory is that when you’re drunk it sort of mimics the brain dead state that people who visit your site are generally in. They’re not really paying that much attention. For more information about this and why it’s important to make your website super simple that any drunk person could figure out, check out the classic book Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.

Anyway, as mentioned our drunk tester friend charges a few hundred bucks now and is wildly popular. Why not mimic what he’s doing but for lots of $$ less. I checked – despite all the website review gigs, no one’s doing this gig on Fiverr, and we know it’s a proven concept – great niche idea, right? And you can get your drink on. Now hurry before anyone else takes it. You’re welcome.

Opportunity for Upsell

Great – Amazing. I upsell my website tests all the time. More time, more bells and whistles. Reports. If you’re doing the drinking review, why not add more drinks into the mix. Only your creativity is your limit.

5. Psychic/ Cult Leader

About this Fiverr business idea


I gotta tell you. This has got to be the ultimate gig if you’re a positive radiant intuitive being, a Shaolin monk, or someone who likes getting money for doing absolutely nothing.

Hopefully you’re one of the former with some positive intentions in the mix.

In this gig, you can use your awesome mental and spiritual powers to effect changes in peoples lives for the better.

Take for instance Fiverr superseller Gabonne as above. He sells a bunch of gigs, in this case “I will make a wish come true for $5” and he’s got 2,249 reviews on this one gig alone. In the gig description, he claims that:

I can make a wish come true for you by using some ancient secret techniques that I’ve discovered after 30 years of practice, study and meditation. It is very effective and the success rate is very high.

He finishes with a flourish, declaring simply:

I am not accepting bad wishes.

And he’s got a bunch of these kinds of gigs. In his “I will send you positive energy for 50 days for $5, he reveals:

I am a healing master specialized on Soul Healing and Enlightenment. My gift is a set of 50 days of positive energy sent directly to you. This can help you a lot in achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles. You may notice that some of your problems will simply disappear.

Wow, sounds good if he can pull it off. And to have my problems disappear is a steal at only $5.

Now here’s the point – I don’t know if he’s really a healing master monk using ancient secret techniques, or if he’s just some dude chugging Mountain Dew and playing World of Warcraft in his parents basement, but that’s not the point. He’s tapped into a need and he’s got a nice little cottage industry going here.

In fact, I was so intrigued both by the gig and the reviews, that I tested it by ordering his energy gig and he sent positive energy to a family member of mine for 50 days for $5.

Did it work?

Well, weirdly enough, within a few days, my family member got some really great news and found a job. So does it work? The jury is still out.

Anyway, could you put similar psychic gigs to work for you? Sure. After all, to send someone positive energy just means you have to think positively about them. I think anyone can do that. And you’re only trying to help people, so you can feel good about yourself at the end of the day, even if it doesn’t do anything.


I looked around and it doesn’t seem too bad, overall.

Opportunity to Upsell

Well our friend Gabonne upsells by sending you positive energy for longer periods of time. For only $50, he will send you positive energy for a full 2 years. Which seems like a pretty awesome upsell to me.

6. Poster Poster

About this Fiverr business idea


Poster poster isn’t a typo. It’s just what it sounds like. Someone who goes around posting posters.

If you’re a student, this is a particularly easy gig.

Basically you can print out people’s posters they give you and then run them around campus.

But this could work too wherever you live. Just think of some crowded area where you can post posters, and then post them.

The value for businesses is that they can get cheap awareness and publicity for whatever they want.

And plus this is the only gig that actually gets you out of the house and getting some exercise, if you’re like me and sit around in front of the computer all day.


There’s a lot of these, but depending where you live, you could create your own location niche.

Opportunity for Upsell

Seems like there’s a bit if you can create posters yourself. You could offer a one-stop-shop poster solution by both creating and posting the posters. Obviously posting more posters would be a natural upsell as well.

7. Entrepreneurial MicroMagnate Arbitrage Specialist

About this Fiverr business idea


A bit of a mouthful, but basically you’re someone who leverages other people’s efforts on Fiverr to make money elsewhere.

Like I said, SEO is a tough industry to break into. Look at this dude’s gig above. He’s got over 37,000 reviews and 122 orders in the queue. This is the type of person you’re competing with if you’re just getting started and he’s got a mass of social proof on his side and you have none.

One thing I could probably guess though is if he has all these reviews, he’s obviously doing something right and adding some value to people, right? We would hope.

So rather than compete against him, why don’t you use him to do work which you can mark up and sell to others. So you can in essence become an SEO agency, while not needing to know that much about it.

Here’s how it would work. You could go to a platform like Upwork or Guru.com and say you’re an SEO specialist and charge $100 or $200/ mo to build links for people. Then when you get an order, you can find someone like this (that you’ve used and trust) and order a $5 gig. Then essentially, you mark up the rest.

You’re using Fiverr to arbitrage opportunities, and make the difference.

Now this is just one field. It doesn’t have to be SEO. Remember testimonials? Why not create a business just for testimonials. Build a blog or a landing page showing some of the people on Fiverr. Drive traffic to the landing page. And then when you get orders, order from the Fiverr testimonial person, mark it up 5-10 times, and win at life.

Becoming an entrepreneur and sourcing Fiverr as a talent pool could be probably one of the best ways to use the platform, since ultimately it could theoretically become the most hands off one. I’d love to give you more information on creating automated sales funnels, but it’s a little outside the scope of this article.


Doesn’t matter. You can use the most competitive fields to your advantage

Opportunity for Upsell

Not as relevant as you can charge higher prices on other platforms when you find new clients.

Top Growth Hack To Get Your First Sale Quick

Ok, you’ve gotten past the hard part. You’ve picked out your Fiverr business idea, launched your profile, put up your gig, and…crickets.

Which is when you fully realize the fundamental rule of most things online which is:

If you build it, they will probably not come.

The problem is the only thing harder than figuring out your Fiverr business idea is how to get your first sale from someone who isn’t your mom.

You’ll need to get a little creative here to “hack” or jumpstart your business to life, which is what this section is about.

One of the advantages of Fiverr is that anyone can set up a business for nothing, with no money and limited time required.

This same advantage also happens to be a huge disadvantage, because it creates a never ending flow of similar gigs that make it really hard to stand out.

The reason why you won’t sell anything is that you don’t have any trust signals. Or social proof that shows why you’re so awesome.

This holds true for Fiverr or anything you’re selling in life for that matter.

It all comes down to trust and social proof. You need to get it ASAP.

One of the best examples I can think of the power of social proof is this story:

On January 12, 2007, world famous violinst Joshua Bell donned a baseball cap and along with his 300 year old Stradivarius he went into the Metro subway to start playing incognito.

In nearly his 45-minute performance, out of 1,097 people who passed him by, only seven stopped to see him. He collected $32.17 from 27 passersby in that time.

Keep in mind this was a performance that he would have otherwise (if recognized) been paid thousands and thousands of dollars for.

(By the way, in case you’re interested in learning more, here’s his reprise performance (and note the difference before when no one was watching versus the attention he got when there were others paying attention – it just goes I think to the value of how important social proof is, even for the world’s best)

No matter how talented you are – world class even in talent – You’re just like the thousands of other “new arrivals” that slap up some stock imagery on their Fiverr gig, write a description, and float away into the cyber-ether.

And on the other side, there’s people who aren’t that talented at anything doing gangbusters there just because they have learned how to create trust & social proof.

But when you’re starting out, the odds are against you. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but odds are without any social proof, you won’t see a sale.

So what you’ll need to do is actually invest a little time and money getting started getting that all important trust & social proof:

Here is my ways you can “hack” trust & social proof and thus jumpstart your sales in the first few days:

  1. Talk into a camera and post it. Create a video of you talking about your service. It does’t have to be anything fancy. Just get 30 seconds of you talking about it (1 min max). On Fiverr, videos are NOT optional in my mind – they’re mandatory for new sellers to start building trust and connection. If there are two gigs and one has a video, people will watch the video. Video is essential to increase the amount of traffic and interest in your gig.

If you do this, you’ll exponentially increase the chance of getting noticed, wanted, and getting that all important first sale in the first few days.

More Fiverr Business Ideas & Advanced Hacks

In this article I’ve really just begun to start scratching the surface of what’s possible on the platform and hopefully some of this has been helpful to give you ideas to set up your shingle there and start making some extra cash to accelerate your income snowball to hopefully pay down debt or plow into the market.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this information – it didn’t all come easy at first, but through lots of trial & error for a while now.

I also hope that some of this has given you a jumpstart on accelerating your income snowball on Fiverr.

If you have any questions getting your Fiverr business set up or thoughts on the info above, please let me know in the comments below, or feel free to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. DT,

    I have never heard of Fiverr. I have been trying to come up with some future side hustle ideas and Fiverr is a really cool concept. I’ll have try it out sometime!


    • Greg Gee

      Hey MDP –

      Yes, it’s a pretty solid platform, easy to get set up on, but a little tricky to get rolling on. The only main issue is they do take 20% of every sale, but then again they do the job of getting you the customers and hosting and all that, so it kind of works out. If you end up doing it, let me know where your gigs are so I can check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dividude

    Wow, this is helpful! I will definitely give this a try. I’d do the video but I’m a bit camera shy. I also signed up for the advanced Fiver hacks guide.

    • Greg Gee

      Hey Dividude,

      Great, glad it was helpful.

      As for the video, I’d definitely try to have one if at all possible. As for me I sort of fall into the same camp so I created a simple explainer using Powtoon. You also could consider hiring one of the testimonial people they have there to do it for you. Whatever you do, make sure to get some kind of video on there. Fiverr posts some kind of crazy stat that gigs with video get like 500% more engagement.

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