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These blogs are a source of information & inspiration on topics related to investing, financial independence, freelancing/ side hustling, and FIRE, listed here in no particular order:

☑  Financial Samurai – Popular finance blog with interesting articles about personal finance & real estate investing

☑  Captain Dividend – Always interesting to see what purchases the Cap’n has up his sleeve!

☑  DivHut – Keith is an active member of the DGI community. A great source of education and investment ideas

☑  Mr Free at 33 – Jason Fieber’s next venture after Dividend Mantra. Explores topics around what happens after FI.

☑  Dividend Hustler – A cool dude who likes money with a breezy writing style. Amassed an impressive passive income already. I see Ferrari’s in this guy’s site and many in his future, if he so chooses.

☑  Div Gro – Ferdis provides a wealth of knowledge about all things DGI

☑  Investment Hunting – Investment Hunting is always an interesting read and he combines information about DGI with options for increased returns.in

☑  Passive Income Pursuit – Another well established FI blog with some impressive net worth & passive income progress over the past 5-6 years

☑  Cashville Skyline – I like this blog as the author is also a freelancer and talks about tips to increase freelance income as well as shares her financial progress along the way.

☑  Catfish Wizard – Without a doubt Catfish Wizard has the best blog name available. Since that was already reserved, I got stuck with this. Anyway, some great information here about DGI and financial independence related topics worth checking out.

☑ Power Over Life – Jacob has an accounting background and shares useful information on investing, among other useful life skills.

☑ Dividend Emperor – Dividend Investing Journey

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