Dec 2016 Income/ Expenses/ Portfolio Notes

Here it is to round out the year:


Freelance Income: $19,880.50
Interest: $111
Fiverr Side Hustle: $1,224
Dividends – $185
Blog – $9.80 (up from $2.16 previous)

Dec Gross Profit: $21,410.30

Total for 2017: $229,903.81


While I had a pretty good month income-wise, I really blew it on expenses this month:

Food: $951 – Been eating lots of organics & at whole foods. Completely blows up the food budget.

Fitness: $814 – I ended up signing up for a Lifetime Fitness membership (as part of my fitness resolution) and got a personal trainer – will probably scale this back next month.

Misc: $301

Payroll: $42

Proposal Software: $89

Shelter: $0

Car: $0

Child Support: $1589

Medical/ Insurance: $443.88

Taxes: $6800

Bookkeeper/ Accountant: $2300

Dec Expenses: $12,886

Thoughts: Really not happy with my performance here. Lots of room to improve and fat to trim. Thinking to do my own bookkeeping/ taxes in 2017 which should be a substantial savings. Shopping at trader joes should also help. Taxes should decrease next year with lower corporate tax rate (I hope)

Savings Rate


Not bad, but considering my income, not great either. I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest frugalist, believing that increasing your income is a much more effective way to FI, but intelligent frugality is a virtue, so I’ll look to improve on this weakness next month.

Portfolio notes

Portfolio stands at about $121,000 as of Jan 1.

Overall I remain pleased with my holding performance, which has maintains alpha over a random basket of dividend stocks (SDY) or the S&P.

NVDA rallied up to $115 which is far above my fair market estimate, but the market remains a market, so I will continue the ride,  notwithstanding a short report that came up sending the stock tumbling to $106.

The Trump rally remains in full effect as we push towards 20,000, and I aim to make some dividend stock moves in January with about $10,000 which I threw into my 401k keogh to round out my employer contribution to myself for the month. I believe that the market will continue to inflate in 2017, despite hitting all time highs and several interest rate hike increases around the corner by the Fed. I also have another $18,000 which I can drop into my Keogh for 2017, but since my cash is starting to get lower, I might break this out over the year like most normal people. We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year! 🙂



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