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Dividend Income Roundup – August 2016 – $9001.57

Dividend Income Update

So the reason behind doing this is I decided to round up as many dividend investors dividend income reports as I could find and rank them based on earnings to see where I stack up against the rest. Certainly we’re all on our own paths unique to our own circumstances and goals, but it’s always interesting to see where other people are at. I also am curious the ideas & purchases the community as a whole is making as well.

This month it seemed like two popular ideas were WFC and FLO. These are two companies I think have too much risk that investors are not adequately being compensated for, but they seem to be rather popular, so perhaps worth looking at if you’re searching for new ideas.

Also, if you publish a dividend report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go for the dividend income leaders for August-


2016-07-31_04351) Dividend Hustler $2,501.78

Commentary: I like checking out his blog, and as a result resolve to start calling people “buds” more often. Or maybe I’ll use dude to keep my own voice. Also I need this Ferrari and life probably.

Purchases: AltaGas, Concordia International, Flowers Foods

2) $25,000 Dividends $1,121.38

$25000 DivdiendsCommentary: This guy buys stocks I know nothing about. Which is why it’s a good blog for me.

Purchases: Manulife, PowrCorp, Telus, Sunlife

3) Dividend Driven $1,014.75

dividenddrivenCommentary: This site uses advanced or remedial technologies that surpass my understanding. I’m not sure. Has a nice dividend snowball.

Purchases: I can’t really see what moves he made this month. Maybe I am just not skilled enough to know how to find this on his site, so there you go.

4) Dividend Earner $1,010.90

Dividend Income Earner

Commentary: Overheard, “Investing is akin to watching paint dry. Not much happens when you have a long term dividend growth investing strategy.”

Purchases: Telus, Intact Financial, Visa

5) Div Gro $791

DivgrologoCommentary: DivGro’s monthly dividend chart looks as consistent as J&J’s earnings over time.

Purchases: Dominion Resources, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems

6) Div Hut $570.12


Commentary: Up 52.7% from last year.

Purchases: Wells Fargo, VF Corporation

7) DidivicentsviCents* $501

Commentary: 33.6% increase! Overheard: “‘Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.’ -Warren Buffett”

Purchases: TSE:NVU.UN

9) Investment Hunting $330.71

2016-07-31_0452Commentary:  I like the blogger interviews. And I get to be in one too pretty soon. Huzzah!

Purchases: Flowers Foods

8) Captain Dividend $290.14

Captain Dividend

Commentary:  Oh Captain, my captain! Sorry, I just like saying that. Up from #12 last report.

Purchases: Flowers Foods

10) Passive Income Dude $260

investing-stocks-bonds-2Commentary:  By default, I like anyone with the name Dude in their website title. Aside from that lots of interesting content on the site. Also like he’s playing on multiple levels with rental and dividend passive income.

Purchases: Wells Fargo

11) Pollie’s Dividend $228.91

2016-07-31_0419Commentary:  Netherlands based dividend investing.

Purchases: Kempen European High Dividend (Mutual Fund)

12) Dividend Empire $211.07

Dividend Empire

Commentary:  Like Boardwalk Empire, but with dividends. Now that I think about it, by comparison I hate the name Dividend Ten. Dividend Empire is much better.


13) My Dividend Pipeline $185.54

My Dividend Pipeline

Commentary:  Keeping it rollin.

Purchases: TIS, DIS, RDS-b, MET

14) Dividend Diplomats $172,36

Bert & Lanny, Dividend DiplomatsCommentary: A 30.8% increase from last year!

Purchases: Target

15) Dividend Ten $0


Commentary: I’m not sure what happened, but this happened.

Purchases: GM, F, NVDA, TEVA, V, AAPL

In Summary

So that’s pretty much it.  The total I’ve tracked in May for this community is $9,001.57.

I know there’s many other worthy blogs in the so-called dividend blogosphere so if you weren’t mentioned, or know any obvious ones I’m missing, please let me know in the notes below.

*New addition: DiviCents


  1. Great list Greg. I love consolidated posts like these. I can see the title of this post ten years from now – Dividend Income Roundup – August 2026 – $90,001.57! Or maybe even $190,001.

    Thanks for pulling this together.

    • Greg Gee

      IH –

      Yes, it will be interesting to see how it plays out over time. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great info Greg.

    Seeing all this info stacked like this really is a great motivator to keep growing these dividends!

    • Greg Gee


      Yes, I think it’s interesting to see not only the amount but the purchases that the community is making as a whole.

  3. Good to see this report,
    adam from iwrts does the weekly buys.

  4. Thanks for the DivHut inclusion. Much appreciated.

  5. Dzogen

    Awesome list. Glad to see how the community is doing!

  6. Thanks for the update, in regards to my income I think you reported my June income instead of my August income which is only $290.14, but September is looking good. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Gee

      Hey Captain –

      Sorry about that, I went ahead and updated it to the correct month! Take care!

  7. ADI

    I think the tracking posts are for some weird reason my favourite. And Dividend Hustler seems like a real laid back dude.

    • Greg Gee

      Hey Adi,

      Yep, I also enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, and very motivating too. I also get that sense too. 🙂

      Thanks for popping by!

  8. Great list of dividend investors and lots of solid dividend income. 🙂

    • Greg Gee

      Hey Tawcan,

      Yes, and constantly on the lookout for new blogs to add each month, if you know any good ones? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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