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Dividend Income Roundup – June 2016 – $13,392.26

Dividend Ten Dividend Income Roundup

Yeah, so many apologies, mea culpa, for being way late on this report this month, but I was spacing out for a few weeks blog-wise, but my head is back in the game.

So the reason behind doing this is I decided to round up as many dividend investors dividend income reports as I could find and rank them based on earnings to see where I stack up against the rest. Certainly we’re all on our own paths unique to our own circumstances and goals, but it’s always interesting to see where other people are at. I also am curious the ideas & purchases the community as a whole is making as well.

If you publish a dividend report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go for the dividend income leaders for June-


2016-07-31_0435#1) Dividend Hustler $3,012.72

Commentary: Respek. These Canadians are crazy dividend income generators. Must be something in the water.

Big moves: Brookfield Renewable Partners, Algonquin Power and Utilities, Magna International

#2) $25,000 Dividends $1,416.90

$25000 DivdiendsCommentary: Total obliteration. Like when you played Mortal Kombat back in the day and ripped the dude’s skull out of his head. Well not quite like that, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

Big moves: Canadian Natural Resources, Brookfield Renewable Resources, Canadian National Railway

#3) Dividend Driven $1,413.64

dividenddrivenCommentary: Booya shakalaka, that is a lot of money indeed. And crushed his last month of $1075.98.

Big moves: I can’t really see what moves he made this month. Maybe I am just not skilled enough to know how to find this on his site, so there you go.

#4) Div Gro $1,338

DivgrologoCommentary: Holy moly – from $751.44 to $1,338, rocketing him into 4th place. That is good. DivGro’s monthly dividend chart looks as consistent as J&J’s earnings over time.

Big moves: NKE, WFC, WMT

#5) Dividend Earner $1,227.91

Dividend Income Earner

Commentary: Bravo.

Big moves: I didn’t see them but browsing through the articles, he likes Canadian stocks Magna International (an automotive supplier), Royal Bank of Canada, and another vote for Canadian National Railway. Dang these Canadians like their railways, maybe something to look into for us in ‘Murica.

#6) Dividend Diplomats – Bert $1,100

Bert & Lanny, Dividend DiplomatsCommentary: I have mixed feelings about these guys. Man they are on top of their game, and only in their 20’s. Makes me feel so lame by comparison. It’s kind of like when you want to feel thin, you need to stand next to fat people. But in this case I’m the ugly fat person. Anyway, I just need to remember that it’s our own journey, and that – like Rocky – we’re ultimately competing with ourselves.

Big moves: TGT

#7) Investment Hunting $830.31

2016-07-31_0452Commentary:  Excellent work and like the blogger updates. Has nothing to do with the fact that I might get into one of them. 🙂  Also like the options angle. Not as knowledgeable about this, so is good to learn along the way.

Big moves: Covered calls – PFG, F, DLNG, T, Cash secured puts – MET, FLO

#8) Dividend Empire $658

Dividend Empire

Commentary:  Like Boardwalk Empire, but with dividends. Great increase from last month.


#9) Div Hut $573.95


Commentary: Magic in the making, indeed.

Big moves: ABT, ABBV. He’s diversifying into the A’s, as well as into smaller holdings in new sectors.

#10) Passive Income Dude $533.61

investing-stocks-bonds-2Commentary:  By default, I like anyone with the name Dude in their website title. Aside from that lots of interesting content on the site. Also like he’s playing on multiple levels with rental and dividend passive income.


#11) Dividend Diplomats – Lanny $447.03

Bert & Lanny, Dividend DiplomatsCommentary: This dude is crushing life – what else can you say.

Big moves: TGT

#12) Captain Dividend $389.03

Captain Dividend

Commentary:  Congrats on hitting a new high!

Big moves: FLO (I didn’t even know this was a thing – one of the great things about this review is getting new ideas!

#13) My Dividend Pipeline $272.27

My Dividend Pipeline

Commentary:  Plowing serious coin into new purchases of over $22,181 – I like it.


#14) Pollie’s Dividend $375.04

2016-07-31_0419Commentary:  Hey Pollie, congrats on such a huge increase from last year.

Big moves: OHI

#15) Dividend Ten $158.89


Commentary: Oh, hai.  Better than last month’s $1.58, at least.

Purchases: CSCO, GILD

In Summary

So that’s pretty much it.  The total I’ve tracked in May for this community is $13,392.26, a nearly 100% increase over last month’s income.

I know there’s many other worthy blogs in the so-called dividend blogosphere so if you weren’t mentioned, or know any obvious ones I’m missing, please let me know in the notes below.

*Edited: Pollie’s dividend currency conversion and added Investment Hunting.



  1. Yeah, many dividend investrors are really ahead of us. It takes time and build wealth. One day we will be on top too, generating thousands of dollars per month. I also post monthly dividend updates and would like to be included in your list. Thanks!

    • Greg Gee

      Yes indeed, we are all at our own place in our own journey. All at different places, life events, and so on. I’ll be sure to add you to the list next month. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for adding me to your list
    My dividend income for June 2016 in Dollars is: $375.04

    • Greg Gee

      Thanks Pollie, I’ll update this. Also what is the currency you’re in for my own edification?

  3. Great list. Thanks for including me. It’s motivating to see the all the reports.

  4. Great round up. I love reading these updates from our peers. Thank you for mentioning DivHut in the mix!

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