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Dividend Income Roundup – May 2016

Dividend Ten Dividend Income Roundup

So I decided to round up as many dividend investors dividend income reports as I could find and rank them based on earnings to see where I stack up against the rest. Certainly we’re all on our own paths unique to our own circumstances and goals, but it’s always interesting to see where other people are at.

If you publish a dividend report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go for the dividend income leaders for May-


#1) Dividend Driven $1,075.98

dividenddrivenDividend Driven is a 43 year old guy with a goal to earn $50,000/ yr in dividends and it looks like he’s well on his way. He’s shared his 10 step methodology and 28 financial rules which are obviously serving him well as he consistently builds his income snowball. He squeaked out his dividend “victory” this month by just $1.21!

Current portfolio value: $326,955

#2) $25,000 Dividends $1074.77

$25000 Divdiends$25,000 dividends is well on his way to earning his namesake, with over $1,000 in dividends earned in May. He’s added 21 shares of Boardwalk and added to Wells Fargo and CN Rail over the time period.

Current portfolio value: $411,676

#3) Dividend Earner $928.80

Dividend Income Earner

Canadian based dividend investor has been at this since 2009 and it shows. This month he reports that he earned $928.80 on the back of strong dividend growth stocks – weighted towards Canadian investments. In his most recent post he shares how investing is actually a very slow process, and while errors can be made at first, the sooner we can course correct, the sooner we can put the miracle of compound earning to work for our investments.

Current portfolio value: Not shared

#4) Div Gro $751.44

DivGro DivgrologoDiv Gro hit $751 in dividend income in May with some names like T, AAPL, ABBV, and PG and seems well on his way to hitting his dividend goals of $12,000 for the year.

Current portfolio value: $308,328

#5) Dividend Diplomats ~$590

Bert & Lanny, Dividend DiplomatsThese guys are super impressive, if for no other reason that they’ve been at it for a while, collecting some serious coin, and are only in their mid-20s! When I was in my mid-20s I think I spent most of my time playing video games and blowing money on pizza and videogames. But I digress. Anyway… Lanny reports that he has crushed the $7,000 mark in dividend income to date for the year. And while I don’t see the monthly dividend income totals listed, $590 is about what he says the math works out to be each month, so I believe him. Lanny reflects that this was an especially hard milestone to reach given recent hits taken with BBL and KMI. He says that one of the keys to his success is that he is able to regularly save over 60% of his income. Great work!

Current portfolio value (Bert): $75,459.33 (Lanny): $188,622.15

#6) Div Hut $524.91

2016-06-26_2331In this month’s report Div Hut reminds us of the importance of staying on strategy, regardless of what is happening in the world or in the market – so that we can let our “consistent, reliable, and predictable” dividend do the work for us. Indeed, this attests to the power of having a solid strategy, and having the discipline to stay on the path regardless of the external circumstances!

Current portfolio value: $197,553.34

#7) Dividend Freedom $365.32

DividendFreedomLogo160x115While I don’t see a write up on his blog, I can see from his dividend spreadsheet that he earned a respectable chunk of change through 9 stocks, including 2 recent acquisitions of CSCO and DDAIF, which by the way, I probably should have added to my article on autonomous vehicle dividend payers.

Current portfolio value: $33,918.20

#8) My Dividend Pipeline $322.62

My Dividend PipelineA look at My Dividend Pipeline’s blog shows that he’s on a tear lately, using the recent Brexit inspired turmoil in the market as an opportunity to pick up TUP, GM, VIAB, TROW,  and GS!

Current portfolio value: Unknown

#9) Captain Dividend $301.68

Captain DividendThis month Captain Dividend says he “squeaked past” the $300 mark once again, without making any major purchases. He notes that it’s getting tough to find any value in the market. He notes that he was able to increase his income over last quarter by 3.1% due to dividend raises.

Current portfolio value: $122,913.05

#10) Dividend Empire $185.59

Dividend EmpireDividend Empire reports that comparing year over year his dividends increased 8.6% due to no other changes than dividend increases and dividend reinvestments, which really demonstrates the power of compounding. These dividends were driven by a few stocks: T, AAPL, GD, O, OHI, and KMI.

Current portfolio: $99,974.15 (Dividend portfolio only)

#11) Dividend Beginner $173.99

Dividend Beginner22 year old Canadian-based Dividend Beginner reports that he saw dividend income north of $100 for the first time in his investing career. He reports that he purchased Exchange Income Corp and Corus Entertainment over the time period, and managed to increase his dividend income by 15.39%.

Current portfolio value: Not currently showing on his portfolio page

#12) Buy Smart Never Sell $33.23

Buy Smart Never SellI think I can completely relate to Kevin’s mission here – he’s an avid video gamer and just wants to chill out and play video games all day. Yeah, me too. And why not? When you’re FI, you can do whatever it is that you want to do.

Current portfolio value: Unknown

Honorable Mention?) Dividend Ten $1.74

Dividend-Ten-ProfileLol. Last but not least, yours truly. A good reminder that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. My $1.74 payment came from my 3 shares of OHI that I picked up earlier this year from the free trades & bonus cash from transferring my investments over to Fidelity. Most of my equities currently are in non-dividend payers in the tech sector like GOOGL and FB. As focusing on dividends and dividend cash flow is relatively new for me, I’m expecting to see some choppy months ahead and rapid growth over the next year here as I put more cash to work on an opportunistic basis.

Current portfolio value: $73,788.78

In Summary

I think a review of all these unique stories together is a testament to the power of a solid plan and discipline. The total I’ve tracked in May for all these bloggers is $6,563.30.

There are a lot of interesting stories & goals so I look forward to seeing how they all play out!


  1. Thank you for including me in your dividend income round up. Much appreciated.

    • Greg Gee

      My pleasure, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been following your blog with interest!

  2. Hello Greg,

    Nice list. Can I be included next month? So I can stack up also


    • Greg Gee

      Yes Pollie. Thanks for stopping by.
      I’ll come by in a little bit to check it out and will add you to next month’s edition.

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