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This page covers things like where I do my banking, my books, and how I make money online, and the theme and hosting I use & recommend.

Most of these things are free, but some are just great values. Sorry if the title was a bit misleading, but it was easier than titling the page “Mostly free stuff.”

Anyway, these are all products I personally use and recommend. A few of these links are affiliate sponsored, although most are not.

Items marked with a ☑ indicate that these resources are free, or mostly free.

Where I do my banking and brokerage

☑ Capital One High Interest Savings Account (Earn $20 through this link. Free to sign up & no minimums) – Setting up a Capital One account is simple and (relatively) lucrative. Currently they pay a handsome 0.75% on their savings & you can link a Money Market account with a 1% rate which is truly awesome. Easy to use and no problems. Highly recommended place to stash extra cash.

☑ Fidelity – Solid brokerage

Places I research stocks

☑  Morningstar (via Capital One) – Capital One Investing offers free Morningstar reports. This link will get you access and get you a bonus of $50-$600 depending on your starting deposit or rollover.

☑  Seeking Alpha – Always entertaining.

Where I earn money

Keeping active income high is key to the plan. I just prefer doing it in my PJs. These are the platforms that I use in some form or fashion as aide hustles, which have since become my full-time hustle.

Amazon Turk – You won’t get rich immediately on Amazon Turk but it’s a great place to make money immediately, and especially if you’re someone who doesn’t have a problem “grinding” out income. Turkers complete “hits” or “Human Intelligence Tasks,” in exchange for – in many cases – just pennies at a time. But if you’re motivated and know where to work you could beat minimum wage which isn’t bad considering you can do it anytime you want. Best to stick to surveys, as they’re the least painful and best paying tasks on the platform. Also check out the reddit community, Hits worth turking for for an up-to-date list of the best gigs as judged by the community

☑  Fiverr – I generally make an extra $1-$2k on average on Fiverr. A good place to earn some spare cash. If you’re looking for more info you can check out my post on some good Fiverr microbusinesses you can consider starting or get some more free info by entering your info below:

☑  Upwork – This used to make up the core of my freelancing income, but since they’ve recently instituted a fee increase, I’ve seen leads drop off dramatically. For now, they stay on the list, but if they continue to make freelancer-unfriendly changes, then I may consider their place on this list.

How I handle taxes

I have an S-Corp which allows me to invest in the highly awesome individual 401k plan. The only issue is that taxes get a bit more complex. Here’s what I use to keep track of books and do my taxes.

Wave Accounting Totally free. I recently moved here from Quickbooks (which I never understood), and saved myself $200/ year.

Gusto ($200 gift certificate for signing up through this link and starts at $39/mo) – In my opinion, whether you work for “the man” or you work from home, everyone should absolutely set up their own corporation, as there are a number of awesome benefits that you can get from doing so. If you set up a corporation, you’ll need to act as both the corporation and the employee, and set up payroll to pay yourself. Gusto is a great service with a simple user experience, great customer service, and makes the process automated & simple at a good price.

The theme & hosting for this blog

Convergence – This is the theme I use on this blog

Site Ground – I moved from managed press to Site Ground and have been pleased with the service and pricing. Highly recommended + affordable hosting.

Website Analytics

☑ Google Analytics– Google Analytics is my BFF. Use it, live it, love it.

☑ Hotjar –  A great tool to embed on your site or blog. A nice complement to Google Analytics that shows you how people use your site which can help give you the info you need to optimize your content or experience. You can also ask people polls to get more feedback from your visitors. Free plan.

☑ Supermetrics – This is a free tool that can pull in data from your Google Analytics account, Facebook, etc into Google Sheets so you can create beautiful looking dashboards. I recommmend this for all my analytics clients.

Also, having a fast site is essential. Mine isn’t the best, but I sped it up considerably using diagnosis tools like ☑ GTMetrix and ☑ Cloudflare (Recommended reading: How to speed up your WordPress blog)


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