Surveys, Surveys Everywhere Meme

This article is a continuation from part one of this two part series.

Ok, young Turk padawan, you’ve applied, you’ve been accepted, and now you’re ready to venture headfirst into the Turkdome.

As an Amazon Turk neophyte, easy money seems within reach, but there are many minefields that surround the Turkosphere. We will help you to avoid some of these.

Here’s what you can expect from here:

  • HITs you really shouldn’t do
  • Your main goal for week 1
  • Where to find the best HITs
  • Intro to Turkopticon
  • Surveys, lots of surveys

If you’re interested in leveling up your Turk skills, then read on.


Once you login with your new account will see a vast, dizzying array of multi-penny gigs.  In order to ensure your Turk Grind is as pleasant as it can be here are 3 initial rules to abide by:

All receipt transcription gigs are evil. Accept at your own peril.

The first thing you will probably see is a variety of penny paying receipt transcription gigs, which is what it sounds like, just looking at a receipt and transcribing the values. This gets extremely old after about the first 3 seconds, and gets even older since they only pay a penny or two. I’d say you can do it for the first day if you want, just to get some approvals, and to get a baseline for how much the platform can suck if you don’t have a strategy to find good Hits.

Extract Records from Receipt Turk

Your goal in week 1 is to learn the platform & get your approval numbers up

Maybe this is antithetical to rule #1, but in order to get access to the better paying Hits, you’ll need to get your numbers up high. So your goal in the early going will be to do simple tasks, that have multiple hits that can be done in succession and just grind it ou

Surveys are your friend

By far the best way to run Turk is to take surveys. Academics and people looking for feedback come to Turk for inexpensive feedback for their surveys, and so survey takers are always in demand. These generally will be your best cost/ time equation.

Now depending if you’re just trying out the platform or it’s something you’re going to devote some time to, here are the steps you can go through for each Turk Session to ensure you maximize your profit per minute.

How to Run an efficient Turk Session

For best results, follow these steps in order when you sit down to Turk:

Get some good Turking/ Grinding Music rolling

This may be the most important rule. If you’re going to Turk for an hour, two, or more, you’re going to need mental stamina and a grinding mindset. Nothing tests the strength of character like Turking over a long period and for me at least, turking requires a particular mindset which is akin to grinding out small wins at the poker table, and it’s often helpful to put on some music that will keep your motivation high and keep your mind flexible for the challenges that await you. The ideal Turk music is probably thrash metal, but your results may vary. Find what works for you.

About 99% of Hits suck. Be selective & start your Hit search in the forums

There are 3 forums you want to check out and keep open in a separate browser:

HIITS worth turking for (Reddit) – To me this is the highest quality source for good Hits. Keep this open and go through all the hits that you can. Most of these will be surveys.

Mturkgrind – This is the next forum you should hit up – a nice repository of Hits you might not find elsewhere

mturkforum – Another reasonable forum – check this one out last

Aside from getting some good tips on where to find good hits, you’ll also find your comrades-in-arms here, so feel free to make a profile and share your thoughts and inspiration with others in the community. People there I’ve found are quite helpful & nice, and many of whom are quite experienced, so if you have any questions, these forums are a great resource

Once you’ve exhausted the forums, you’ll want to go to the main Turk page while you wait for the forums to refresh with good gigs.

What you’ll want to do is to perform a particular search. At the top of the screen in the search bar, type in survey, then enter a decent wage like $0.25 (although you could make this higher or lower), and then click the checkbox “for which you are qualified”

Decent Survey Turks

Then you can browse through some of the better paying surveys.

Protip #1: Not all higher paying surveys are worth it. Some of these requesters have incredibly long surveys, so on an hourly basis it often isn’t worth it

Protip #2: Download the chrome extension Turkopticon (You are using Chrome for your turking, aren’t you?). This extension provides crowdsourced ratings for requesters & can help you to give you some greater intelligence into the requester – if they have a history – if they pay well, or if they pay on time. That way you can make a decision as to whether you’d like to take a risk on the gig.


Turkopticon provides a drop down menu next to the requesters name that will let you see their crowdsourced rating

(Optional) Make a list of your favorite Requesters and jump on it when their Hits go live

Over time you’ll start to find certain requesters that you like – that pay fair wages and/ or pay quickly. If you’d like to get alerted you can try out Turk Alert which will send you an email when your requester posts a Hit.

So that’s pretty much it. Keep Turking, rinse and repeat through #2-#3 above, keep your approval score high and your approved Hits climbing, and watch the change – but more importantly, the momentum – start flowing in.