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Portfolio holdings as of March 1, 2017:

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  1. My question is why do you have so much money just sitting in an account making 1%? get that money in there working harder for you!

    • Greg Gee

      Hey DD,

      Great question. It’s mostly for “dry powder” to take advantage of opportunities (and also since I work for myself as an emergency fund). That said, I would like to get my percentage of cash lower in the next year and continue to invest as opportunities present themselves.

  2. Do you think FB is over value?? I mean 321 Billion MC making a profit of 3 Billion compare with Googl 600 Billion MC and making 16 Billion profit. ??

    • Secret Agent 10

      I use both the Facebook + Google Ad platforms on a near daily basis. They essentially comprise 90% or more of digital marketing. In some ways, Facebook’s product is superior. I believe in the company and future. Yes, I think Google is cheaper but I do not think Facebook is overvalued here, but rather towards the lower end of fair value range at $130. I am a big fan of both.

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