The FIRE Fund

The FIRE Fund is designed to generate passive income flow and capital gains earlier than the 401k distribution age and in the near term act as a backup supplement to sporadic freelance income if needed, and in the longer term to eventually exceed my living expenses.

The FIRE fund includes assets located in my taxable account, so it will be accessible by me without penalty before standard retirement age. Qualified dividends are taxed at a favorable 15% rate, which is a cost of doing business for having passive income now and tapping your retirement funds early.

FIRE Fund inception date: 10/16

Turbo Boost Fund

The Turbo Boost Fund includes all assets within tax deferred accounts, which I can access at age 59 1/2, providing a needed turbo boost to my finances at that time in life.

I am building it using a mix of growth (capital appreciation) and dividend equities. I’ve turned on dividend investment, to simplify matters and take advantage of dollar cost averaging.

Turbo Boost Fund inception date: 12/14

Fine Print

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