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Recent Buys – TEVA, V, AAPL

Dividend Ten Recent Buy

Greetings passive income seekers.

Today I bought 50 shares of TEVA at $5330 shares of V at $80, and 20 shares of AAPL at $108.51. Total for all was $7,220.20.

A little bit on each:

Visa is the largest electronics payment network in the world. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have completely exited my banking positions. I do not like banks or credit cards at all right now for dividend investors. I do not think I am being ideologically inconsistent here – Visa is not a bank, and does not issue credit cards. There is no credit risk here unlike AMEX & Discover. Visa is one of the best companies in the the strongest growth industries – financial technology (FinTech). Oh, and it’s debt free. While they pay a meager yield of 0.7%, their dividend is quite safe and has great dividend growth potential over the next few years as well as opportunity for capital appreciation.

Teva (ADR) is a global pharmaceutical company. They deal in generic, specialty, and OTC medications. This company is well positioned to take advantage to benefit from changes in the global healthcare environment as government seeks to lower costs via generics. The loss of exclusivity of its MS drug will make the road somewhat rocky in the near term. I’ve been wanting pharma exposure since my ill-conceived GILD purchase (which is a total dog btw) and subsequent sale last month, as well as exposure to more International, as my entire portfolio previous to today’s purchase has been US based. Teva currently yields 2.54%.

AAPL is Apple. While I don’t know if prices will go back to $90 or lower in the shorter term, this is a long term buy, and I think remains undervalued at this price, IMHO, even though stock price trending up and sales trending downward – I am betting they will find a way to grow again in the future and won’t just evaporate into nothingness. Their cash reserve is larger than many small nations which is always nice. They pay 2.1%.

Based on a $1.36 annual dividend, TEVA will add $68 to my annual passive income.

Based on a $0.56 annual dividend, V will add $16.18 to my annual  passive income.

Based on a $2.28 annual dividend, AAPL will add $45.60 to my annual  passive income

That’s all for now. Onward & upward!



  1. Thanks for sharing these recent buys. Happy to read about TEVA. I just started looking into that name a couple weeks ago and have a tab on my browser with a TEVA quite since thinking about initiating a position in that pharma stock. Like you, I also am looking at pharma/bio tech (GILD/AMGN) but have yet to pull the trigger. Seems like we are on the same page with that name at least.

    • Greg Gee

      Thanks DivHut, Yeah,I think generics will only increase in importance and I like their cash flow. Appreciate the thoughts & thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love aapl it’s my largest holding in terms of money.

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