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Today I bought 23 shares of JNJ at $112.23 for $2,581 and 20 shares of Facebook at $117 at $2,340.

I recently bought some FB at $120, so naturally I would be happy to pick up more on weakness. My favorite sector, tech, has got hit as of late I think due to unwarranted concerns about a Trump presidency and his relationship with Silicon Valley, which means, of course, potential opportunity. And Facebook in particular has been hit due since their last earnings call around concerns about potential future slowing growth. Facebook in my view remains quite undervalued with a fair value of $142. I would continue to backup the truck on this stock and Google (and AMZN) at any price if you have a long term (10+ years) view. These companies incidentally account for all the growth in online advertising.

JNJ is just a core dividend growth holding with an impressive roster of consumer & pharma brands.  If you are interested in dividend investing then I’d be hard pressed to find a better core conservative position to build around. Not much to say here, if you look at earnings charts it just kind of marches inexorably up and to the right consistently, which makes it fairly straightforward  to value this company. Currently JNJ is in fair value range, but has come down a bit from highs around $125 earlier this year. Certainly anything that goes down can go down further and you could find better opportunities to pick this up at a cheaper price in the future, but I felt like adding to my position here. JNJ remains my 5th largest holding.

Welp…that’s about it for now. What do you think of my purchases? Are you interested in any of these companies? Any better deals out there that you’re looking at?


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